Compute Series

Xenowulf Compute Series workstations are designed for researchers and deep learning developers who demand the computing power typically reserved for rack-mount servers, but prefer a deskside solution.

Our Compute Series workstations are also the only line of professional workstations offering up to 7 fully liquid cooled GPUs. No other workstation manufacturer is able to offer this much compute power per dollar, together with the performance and thermal benefits that only liquid cooling can provide.

Proprietary Cooling Technology

Xenowulf's cooing technology allows high load task to be completed quietly, quickly, and efficiently by removing thermal throttling and ensuring all components are working at their optimal temperatures.

Modular Design

Our revolutionary design not only allows for best in class cooling, but also boasts easy operability, with quick disconnect fittings making maintenance and management effortless.

Three Models

Choose from AMD EPYC 7002-7004 or Intel XEON CPUs with up to 128 cores, and starting with one Nvidia RTX GPU up to seven data center GPUs.

Starting At Only


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