Unrivaled Thermal Performance

Liquid cooling doesn’t just cool or remove heat, it unleashes your system’s performance and longevity. Essentially eliminating thermal throttling and effectively reducing thermal fatigue on your system's intricate components, liquid-cooled workstation systems deliver stable, consistent, and reliable computing power and performance for years.

Custom Built for You

Xenowulf designs its Studio Series workstations for digital content creators to accelerate their workflow, and so complete more projects in less time. Partnering with EKWB, the industry-acclaimed liquid-cooling system manufacturer, allows Xenowulf to create for you a system that cools the CPU and GPUs while providing quiet operation, effectively eliminating fan noise from your creative environment.

Superior Support

We design and thoroughly test our systems to last. We offer an industry-leading one-year coverage for hardware, plus we provide two years of technical support from a Xeonwulf engineer.

Benefits of Liquid-Cooling

Thermal Performance

CPU and GPU vendors integrate thermal throttling into their compute products to protect them from excessive heat. Liquid cooling efficiently and effectively removes heat from compute components.

Noise Levels

Liquid cooling passes liquid across compute components precisely and efficiently where and when it is required, and it does so without increasing any noise at all to the ambient environment.

Improved ROI

Forced-air cooling not only increases fan-noise levels and reduces system life and performance due to thermal throttling.