Made to Order Supercomputers with State-of-the-art Cooling Technology

Custom-built, expertly cooled, multi-GPU workstations, powerful enough to take on the most intensive rendering and deep learning workloads.

Fully Liquid-Cooled

Fully liquid cooling CPUs and GPUs ensure sustained peak performance with no thermal-throttling

Autonomous Monitoring

Liquid cooled systems operate at substantially lower sound levels than comparably equipped air-cooled systems

Modular Design

Our revolutionary design features easily upgradable components and liquid cooling quick disconnect fittings.

Clients and Partners

Studio Series

A media workhorse for unmatched video rendering and animation.

It comes in two common configurations or we can spec out a completely custom configuration to fit your exact needs.

Compute Series

Our most powerful system built specifically for heavy data crunching applications including Scientific Research and Machine Learning.

It comes in three common configurations or we can spec out a completely custom configuration to fit your exact needs.

Rackmount Series

The Xenowulf Rackmount Series GPU server has been designed from the ground up to meet and exceed the rigorous performance requirements of artificial intelligence, deep learning, and big data processing.

It is a drop-in replacement for aging rack mounted, air-cooled servers or to provide a significant, high density, computational boost where required.


We were truly blown away by the performance of the workstation – with how easily it handled 4K video, large graphics files, 2D and 3D animations, music, color corrections, and more. Using this powerful workstation made our work in post-production much more efficient, saving us a lot of time and nerves.

Matej Slabe, CEO, Slabescene Video Production

We've been using the Xenowulf line of workstations for almost a year now and they've made an immeasurable impact on our workflows.

Ian Valentine | Co-Founder | Human Person Studios

This is the fastest AMD Epyc Milan processors have ever gone in VRay and that comes down to cooling. The maximum temperature that we hit on any of the GPUs is under 45 0C and the CPU is at 60 0C. That is ludicrous!

Linus Sebastian | Founder | Linus Tech Tips

As a workstation the Xenowulf system was really nice because the rendering preview time of scenes was near real-time.

John Bashyam | Co-Founder | Warm & Fussy

Xenowulf has enabled us to transcode a huge array of media types at lightning speed which has been essential to us automating our workflows. It's genuinely exceeded my expectations in every way.

John Smith | VP Post Production | Film 45

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