Shipping and Handling

Shipping Policy:

Currently all orders require at least 5-10 business days processing time before the shipping process. xenowulf does not guarantee same day shipping. xenowulf does not process orders during weekends. xenowulf will notify customers by e-mail when their order leaves its premises with the shipping courier. Estimated delivery date is displayed on specific model.

Shipping Options and Charges:

xenowulf can ship your order: UPS: full tracking available here
If a customer thinks the parcel is lost or delayed, he can contact xenowulf via e-mail. xenowulf will file an inquiry only 30 days after the shipping date of the customer's order. Inquiries are no longer possible 6 months after the shipping date.
Shipping time is not guaranteed, only estimated; shipping cost is guaranteed as stated at checkout page.
We are sorry, but we cannot refund the shipping charges for weather related delays.
xenowulf does not take responsibility for delayed arrivals on packages shipped to rural areas.
xenowulf does not take responsibility for delayed arrivals due to closed or delayed airport activity.

International Shipping:

Products are shipped only within the US.

Special Notice About P.O. Box Shipping:

Our shipping providers cannot deliver the order to you, if the address you provided us with is a P.O. Box. If a customer states P.O. Box address as the shipping address of his order, xenowulf will contact the customer via e-mail asking for alternative address. If the customer does not reply within 3 business days, xenowulf will cancel the order and fully refund the payment.