Scalable, Turnkey AI Supercomputing Solution

Our single POD is composed of multiple racks populated with GPU servers acting as one powerful cluster that accelerates everything AI.

Unleash a Turnkey AI Data Center with High Throughput and an Incredible Level of Compute

Xenowulf has been pivotal in providing technology leaders with a supercomputing infrastructure built around powerful GIGABYTE GPU servers that house either NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs or AMD Instinct™ MI300 Series accelerators. Our service, GIGA POD, offers professional assistance to create a cluster of racks all interconnected as a cohesive unit. An AI ecosystem platform thrives with a high degree of parallel processing as the GPUs are interconnected with blazing fast communication by NVIDIA NVLink or AMD Infinity Fabric. With the introduction of the GIGA POD, Xenowulf now offers a one-stop source for data centers that are moving to an AI factory that runs deep learning models at scale. Our hardware, expertise, and close relationship with cutting-edge GPU partners ensure the deployment of an AI supercomputer goes off without a hitch and with minimal downtime.

G Series Servers Built for 8-GPU Platforms

One of the most important considerations when planning a new AI data center is the selection of hardware, and in this AI era, many companies see the choice of the GPU/Accelerator as the foundation. Each of Xenowulf’s industry-leading GPU partners (AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA) has innovated uniquely advanced products built by a team of visionary and passionate researchers and engineers. As each team is unique, each new generational GPU technology has advances that make it ideal for particular customers and applications. This consideration of which GPU to build from is mostly based on factors such as performance (AI training or inference), cost, availability, ecosystems, scalability, efficiency, and more. The decision isn’t easy, but Xenowulf aims to provide choices, customization options, and the know-how to create ideal data centers to tackle the demand and increasing parameters in AI/ML models.

NVIDIA HGX™ H200/B100/B200

Biggest AI Software Ecosystem
Fastest GPU-to-GPU Interconnect

AMD Instinct™ MI300X

Largest & Fastest Memory

Intel® Gaudi®

Excellence in AI Inference

Why is GIGA POD the rack scale service to deploy?

Industry Connections

Xenowulf works closely with technology partners - AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, and GIGABYTE - to ensure a fast response to customers requirements and timelines.

Depth in Portfolio

GIGABYTE servers (GPU, Compute, Storage, & High-density) have numerous SKUs that are tailored for all imaginable enterprise applications.

Scale Up or Out

A turnkey high-performing data center has to be built with expansion in mind so new nodes or processors can effectively become integrated.

High Performance

From a single GPU server to a cluster, Xenowulf has tailored its server and rack design to guarantee peak performance with optional liquid cooling.


GIGABYTE has successfully deployed large GPU clusters and is ready to discuss the process and provide a timeline that fulfills customers requirements.

HeaThe Future of AI Computing in Data Centersding

The Ideal GIGA POD for You

Xenowulf enterprise products not only excel at reliability, availability, and serviceability, but also shine in flexibility, whether it be the choice of GPU, rack dimensions, or cooling methods and more. Xenowulf is familiar with every imaginable type of IT infrastructure, hardware, and scale of data center. Many Xenowulf customers decide on the rack configuration based on how much power their facility can provide to the IT hardware, as well as considering how much floor space is available. This is why the service, GIGA POD, came to be. Customers have choices, starting with how the components are cooled and how the heat is removed, with options for traditional air-cooling or direct liquid cooling (DLC).

Discover the GIGA POD

From one GIGABYTE GPU server to eight racks with 32 GPU nodes (a total of 256 GPUs), GIGA POD has the infrastructure to scale, achieving a high-performance supercomputer. Cutting-edge data centers are deploying AI factories, and it all starts with a GIGABYTE GPU server.

GIGA POD is more than just a bunch of GPU servers, there are also switches. Not to mention, the complete solution offers hardware, software, and services to deploy with ease.

Applications for GPU Clusters

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