About us

Xenowulf was founded by two tech veterans and entrepreneurs. They've worked at large corporations including DirecTV, Symantec, Hughes, Technicolor, Warner Bros., and LegalZoom as well as numerous successful startups. With a diverse background in several industries, they have the knowledge and understanding of your business and unique needs. They started Xenowulf to make high-performance computing available and affordable to everyone.

The team prides themselves on being accessible and affordable to businesses that traditionally either couldn't afford these systems or didn't know who to trust to spec out and build one for them. The Xenowulf team loves helping customers, especially the ones that are a bit new to HPC's and might be intimated by other specialist companies.

Xenowulf promises to provide a great experience, with knowledgeable technicians, savoy salespeople, and attentive customer support. Contact us today to discuss your needs and how our solutions can change your business.