Media & Entertainment

Hollywood is reaping huge benefits from parallel processing. The standard post-production suites (including Adobe Effects, Avid Media Composer, and Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve Studio) all incorporate GPU-accelerated tools. Whether you're color correcting or creating 3D animations, your workflow could benefit from GPU parallel processing on one of our Xenowulf HPC's.

With a deep background in entertainment, we understand your post production needs. Contact Xenowulf today to see how affordable it is to upgrade your systems.

oil & Gas

Like most industries today, the oil and gas industry has been disrupted by technology and has taken steps to ensure it adapts to the new reality. With most offshore platforms running at 77% of their production potential, businesses are looking to Big Data and analytics as a new way to improve processes and productivity.

The large amounts of data that are constantly generated from oil and natural gas upstream, midstream and downstream processes can be quickly processed and analyzed to reveal new insights to prevent equipment malfunctioning and improve operational efficiency.

Xenowulf systems are reliable, powerful, and rugged, as well as made in America and supported by our US based team. Contact us to see how Xenowulf systems can elevate your industry.

machine learning

Supercomputers are paving the way for a new approach to Machine Learning. Xenowulf's systems paired with the right software and new Machine learning techniques enable the extraction of valuable insights from large, complex data sets.

Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and AI applications require robust and reliable systems built by experts. Our system are stable and reliable enough to run the latest applications that process millions of asset's, feed them into neural networks and create intelligent outputs. Contact us to determine the best system for your AI or machine learning needs.

data analytics

Big Data fuels public cloud growth faster than any other application. The more data we collect, the more computational capacity we will need to analyze it. The only way to provide enough scale to keep up with demand is to deploy HPC class assets to increase processing performance and density.

Xenowulf offers data scientists powerful and efficient HPC solutions for the most demanding HPDA workloads. Contact us today to see how we can help build the right system for you.

scientific & medical research

Emergent technology is reshaping the medical landscape in countless ways, from virtual reality that ameliorates macular degeneration to developments in bioprinting tissue and organs. Parallel computing has for years made its presence felt in this arena, but it’s poised to fuel even more breakthroughs.

The systems we build have a real impact. Whether they are used to help radiologists more easily access the powers of AI, which helps imaging systems handle growing amounts of data and computational weight. or to let doctors create imaging models with ten times less data than otherwise required, we understand the importance of reliable systems and the team behind it. Contact Xenowulf today to discuss your scientific or medical applications.

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